Salute to Martyrs Who laid their lives, in Pulwama Attack


The 10-month-old son bade final good bye to his brave Father Hari Singh, along with the entire Haryana State. Hari Singh’s last farewell, martyred in the terrorist attack of Jaish-e-Muhammed on February 14 in Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir, was commemorated on Tuesday. On Tuesday afternoon in the native village of Rajgarh, thousands of damp eyes gave the last farewell to the martyr. Amidst the nation mourning their sons, everyone is equally angered at this devilish act, in the name of terrorism and freedom. Baba Ram Rahim Ji, has even warned the nation, against terrorism and its impact through his Satsangs and even a “Film hind Ka Napak Ko Jawaab” holds many instances, which talk of how Jihaad, has been taken further and what steps can we do to tackle the same. Although, we cannot really oust this deadly menace, at once, but some concrete steps, can prove fruitful in the long run. The villages, who are receiving bodies of their beloved sons, are deeply drenched in the blood of their Jawans and tears of their victimized families. And it’s time we feel ashamed to have caused so much damage to these souls, for our own safety. As some Father, happened to say, “I would rather see my son dying on the border”. Doesn’t this sum up the state these parents are in and definitely feel cheated by their own Nation.

Hari Singh’s Villagers proud of martyrdom, blast Pakistan’s effigy

At the same time, when the crowd started crying after seeing the crowd 10 month old son and family, the son too was In-consoleable. Additional Director General of Police Shrikant Jadhav tried to silence him in his lap. Earlier, the crowd of people accompanying the vehicle carrying the body of the body was also expressing anger and national love, boiling within them. It seemed as though not only the entire Rewari district, but the attitude of the people of Alwar district adjacent to the border has also turned towards Rajgadh.In India, the shouts of Bharat Mata were echoing and people were shouting slogans of Pakistan Mudarabad.

Hari Singh was admitted to Army in 2011

Hari Singh Rajput, 26, was admitted as a grenadier in 2011. Recently he was promoted to the post of Nayak. Hari’s father Agrawi Ram was also retired from the army. He had died two years ago. Hari was the only brother of three sisters. He was married two years ago. In the family, mother Pista Devi, wife Radha and son of 10 months Laksh. Hari Singh talked to his wife Radha on the phone last evening at 7.30 in the evening.


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