Rising Intolerance – Are we Really Progressing or going backwards in our Status as Humans?


After the election of the 17th Lok Sabha, the first session of Parliament started in negativity. Even after 72 years of the parliamentary and democratic system, we did not understand the limits of the country, parliament and democracy. Slogans are shouted at the MPs’ swearing-in ceremony, this makes it clear that we are still not ready to work unanimously. We are not tolerating each other religiously. Attempts are being made to instigate one another’s religious feelings. India has been a live example of brotherhood and harmony amidst the most religions and diverse cultures in the world. India is a Guru Country and our culture and brotherhood is a model for the world, says Baba Ram Rahim Ji.

Land of Gurus and Saints under threat

But do the current trends make this above statement believable? People will mock if they hear this about India now. Although this was a case some years ago for sure. But such slogans in the country’s largest panchayat are a matter of concern. That is why we are divided into Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, and Christians. When the elected MPs do not talk about goodwill and mutual understanding, then there is no doubt about how their loved ones and supporters will behave. The lack of goodwill and mutual respect is one of the biggest weaknesses, which is undermining us in the eyes of the world. Saint Ram Rahim Ji, has been instrumental in connecting people from all religions under one roof. And this is the main reason; Dera Sacha Sauda has followers from every religion who are sensitive to the issues faced by each other. The world needs such role models in today’s time. DSS is the only true confluence of all religions where a Muslim can worship as per his religion, or a Hindu can sit in devotion and a Christian can praise Christ.

Indians across the globe take pride in being called foreigners rather than Indians

 In this context, we are now giving our own instructions. Indian leaders elected abroad have been so influenced by the law and culture that they now feel proud to call themselves American, Canadian, Australian. Although many people have lived there for only 10-15 years, they are not ready to identify themselves as Indians. This is really shameful that the land of Gurus and rishis, which tolerated every invasion and absorbed a part of their culture even produced children for that religion has to face this fate. That is why every year there are riots in the name of religion in the country.

Lack of will towards united efforts

If leaders understand their moral responsibility, communal incidents will stop today. There is no need to just be called the world’s big democracy only, but there is a need to establish a humanitarian resolution of democracy, which remains in the spirit of consensus. The purpose of Parliament is to make this country happy and not to spread hatred among the people of the country. Parliament should have a sense of brotherhood and unity. And the people too need to wake up to elect such leaders and also be aware of their mutual trust and understanding says Saint Baba Ram Rahim Ji.


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