Paying Homage to Martyrs of Terrorist Attack in Pulwama

Pulwama attack

A black day for an entire nation, 14th Feb 2019, brought in some very upsetting news. When a terrorist attack in Pulwama, took lives of 44 CRPF Jawans. It was a sight that will haunt the family members, for their lives. With loathes of skin all over, our Jawans were beyond recognition. With close of 20 attacks during the last 5 years, these attacks bring the nation to a standstill. We all need to question ourselves, can we pay such a huge price for our safety and go on with our usual chores.

Shouldn’t we all be there, at the place, where our sons were blasted so brutally? Shouldn’t we all as a planet, unite towards brotherhood and peace. Isn’t the price of countless souls being snatched in the past centuries enough for us? For how long are we continue to bear and inflict pain upon others. We would all come together for candle marches, for revenge. Blood begets more blood. Then they wait for another opportunity of revenge and this goes on for generations. Do we even remember what we are fighting for? Or is it the vested interests, the corrupt Netas, playing their dirty games, to keep us from ground realities.


Indian soldiers examine the debris after an explosion in Lethpora in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district February 14, 2019. REUTERS/Younis Khaliq[/caption]

All we have got is another day, another date, to remember for coming years, and we can remember our heroes, send some condolences, and get back to our usual meetings and deals. Our deals the so called bargains, selling products, selling news, is turning into selling our consciousness without even realising. And this is why it’s high time we turn to humanity to rescue humanity. Let us share others’ pains, to realise and soothe our own pains. It’s true love that can fade off hatred, which has been preached by our scriptures.

The fire of hatred begets more hatred. This fire can be ward off with the cool comfort of love. And the biggest reason why we see Baba Ram Rahim Ji has been preaching lessons of humanity to his followers. And again the biggest reason, why his brigade just went on rising, from lacs to crores to multifold. True love soothes the soul, the soul begins to realise its true purpose, potential and peace becomes its agenda, Says Baba Ram Rahim Ji. And rightly so a look at the followers of this Saint, and one can come to know how his lessons of humanity have left a mark on their souls. They would think twice even before hurting a mosquito or a fly, for the fact that they can see a soul a life in each one.

Need of the hour is to realise this connection in each one of us, by all. We all need to see our own reflection in the other and then we cannot harm the other person. And we will instead uplift the other person, towards his goals and reach our own goals too sooner. And that is where a true human potential lies. Which right now is lost in the battles of ego, and selfish interests? We can only pray that our nations come to terms with realities, and bring out the best in each other, rather than resorting to such cowardly acts, and being monsters. Only with the direction and heading to the Sermons of Saints like Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan can this deadly war come to an end.


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