India’s Fight Against Terrorism finally Gaining Some Ground


The time and circumstances are changing in favor of India, and the world’s powers are knocking in front of India. This is intact one of the prophecy for India, that India will be a super power one day. Not many believe this, given the current scenario, though. Baba Ram Rahim Ji has always preached about India’s innate strength, its people, its culture and its patience and feeling of brotherhood.

The last one turns out to be absolutely favorable for India, on the world front. At a time, when nations area fighting for hold, India is the only country considered to be a peace bearer, holding the while flag. An example of this is presented to you. In order to know India’s role and role in peace talks in Afghanistan, Special Representatives of America came to India from the US some time back in January.  Special Representative of America, Zalmay Khalilzad, reached Delhi and had a detailed discussion with the representatives of the Indian government and the growing fears about the Taliban.

The US representative said firmly in his statement that any attempt to bring peace to Afghanistan or to bring the Taliban on the path of peace is not possible without the help and intervention of India. So India is understood to be a peaceful country, who is not into encroaching boundaries. In fact, this is our glorious culture. Indians always believe in peaceful co-existence and this status and values are given to us by our Saints. We are called a Guru Nation for nothing, exhorts Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji and rightfully so.

Prior to this, Russia had said that without removing the fears of India, any attempt to change power in Afghanistan and the attempt to give the Taliban shareholdings in Afghanistan should be the role of India before India’s idea and consideration. Earlier, neighboring Iran, Afghanistan, had announced that whenever the Taliban and India sit together, any political decision in Afghanistan will be meaningful and that he will try to put the Taliban in peace talks with India. The biggest thing is that the present government of Afghanistan is certainly shocked by the peace efforts of the United States and Russia, but the Afghan government considers India’s role and India’s intervention as mandatory.

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai has clearly stated that unless India’s role is best, India’s fears will not be included in the decision. Until then, peace efforts in Afghanistan will not succeed, Hamid Karzai has been in power with the world powers in Afghanistan. Demand for enhancing the role of India. These conditions have also been made in favor of India when Jugalbandi of Pakistan and China was against India. Pakistan and China do not want India to have a meaningful or best role in solving the problems of the world.

The days when India was struggling to fight terrorism

Remember that round When India had to persist in front of world powers to complain of neighbors suffering from the concept of anarchic, violent and failed nation, they had to put hand and feet in front of world powers to control terrorism. World powers and world opinion ridiculed India, saying that India is calling for an inexplicable terrorism-terrorism screaming. After complaining to the then U.S. President, the then Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, termed the then Indian Prime Minister as a rustic woman.


India was always seen to be associated with Pakistan and it was said that the question of terrorism is between the two countries. The biggest thing is that when the ruler of any power of the world came to India, he did not forget to visit Pakistan earlier or later and also saw Pakistan’s views prominently in his travels.

In that era, the powers of the world were not ready to accept the independent existence of India, on the question of Kashmir, the powers of the world used to annihilate the unity and integrity of India, playing with the identity of India. No attempt was made to intimidate India on alleged human rights abuses on Kashmir.

Tide is in favor of India at present

The same world powers have not only changed their minds but have always considered their chaotic and one-party mindset to be compared with keeping Pakistan together with Pakistan. In particular, US President Donald Trump said in a statement that Pakistan was not of any use for him. Not only that, but Donald Trump has repeatedly announced India as a natural friend to increase the powers of India in the world order.

Pakistan has been repeatedly saying that no peace effort in Afghanistan could be possible without its cooperation and support. The world has now come to understand that the unrest in Afghanistan, the secret of violence in Afghanistan, is just the stomach of Pakistan’s sin. Pakistan itself has endorsed violence in Afghanistan. Pakistan has provided fertilizer and water to the Taliban. Pakistan still gives support and protection to the Taliban.

Even today, Pakistan is giving protection to violence and terrorism in the name of good Taliban. Because of this, world powers are ignoring Pakistan. Still, Pakistan is not considered to be penalized. Today Pakistan has become poorer, but by making weapons of terrorism, world powers have been against giving loans to Pakistan. Due to opposition from world powers, Pakistan is not getting loans from world regulators. Why India’s role in Afghanistan is being decisive and best, there is not one but many reasons behind it. America once wanted that India should also set up its army in Afghanistan and join the war against the Taliban.

Indian Army the best in the World

The reason behind this was that the Indian Army is master in fighting terrorism. So overall the Indian Army is a real hero in the eyes of the world. The entire world is in awe of our heroes. And rightly so, it is said, that World War II saw a major contribution of Indian Army and this during that phase that our heroes were recognised in the whole world for their courage, unity, and passion for their Nation. And those handling the image of our country should be given credit too for this image building.

These points will definitely raise our pride for ourselves. Otherwise, we generally take pride in ridiculing ourselves, as Indians, Guru Saint Ram Rahim Ji, say take pride in your culture, in your country and take it forward. This is in fact motivated thousands of youngsters to work for the betterment of the Nation. And this piece of information should motivate all of us too.

Although the present generation, in the last 1 and a half decade is tilted towards western influence, but not for long. Values are dwindling, but nobody can stop India from rising to its position it deserves on the World map. This is in fact, one of the statements of Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji in one of the Satsangs. Saint Ram Rahim Ji have always told tales of heroism of Indian Army and our glorious past and has in fact always been a strong pillar o support for our heroes by donating Blood for them regularly. Even their families are well looked after and respected with medals and trophies.


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