Cerebral Dissection of Ram Chandar Chhatrapati Murder Case


Troubles have not ended for self-styled God-Man Baba Ram Rahim in the present time. He is currently serving a 20-year jail term for raping two of his followers. He along with three others are convicted in one another murder case of a journalist Ram Chander Chhatarpati by a special CBI court in Haryana. Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh was found guilty as a prime conspirator in this case. The case was registered in 2003.

Flash Back: October 24, 2002, a journalist was shot dead at his residence months after he published the anonymous letter narrating how women as Sadhvis at Dera were sexually harassed and raped by Dera Chief. This journalist was ‘ Ram Chander Chhatrapati, an Indian Journalist who used to run a local Hindi daily ‘ Poora Sach’ in Sirsa, Haryana. On 24th October 2002, two men who were riding a motorcycle, motorcycle, shot him at point-blank range, right outside his residence. He was pronounced dead four weeks of his injury. Police arrested two men for the shooting. After 3 months, his son Anshul Chhatrapati petitioned the High Court in January 2003, for investigating Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, and after nine months HC accepted the petition in November.

The ambiguity of Past Cases and impactful events related to Baba Ram Rahim 

–  Whether it’s the case related to wearing a robe similar to 10th Guru Gobind Singh Ji, and later confirmed by all 4 religious leaders and verified that the dress was absolutely different from the 10th Guru’s robe

–  Initiating social drives and nobody knows from which corner of this planet masses come out to participate, without any signal and without any marketing, yet millions attend these drives.

– Whether it’s crucial Sadhvi sexual exploitation – The case was registered on the basis of an anonymous letter ( impractical in this century ) and during the whole case term, the girl’s identity not made public- there was no medical examination conducted and the verdict pronounced without this crucial evidence.

An interesting fact in all the court cases related to Baba Gurmeet is that the prime witness ‘Khatta Singh’ is an attention-hogging person wanting to always steal attention. He proclaims to be the driver of the second master of Dera Sacha Sauda and was an inevitable part of all the things happening around. But he himself has changed his statement multiple times related to the cases. He clearly seems to not remember his own previous statements which would have been made on someone’s behest. Recently He has given an exclusive interview with ‘Prime Focus’ channel where he stated that the first master Sant baba mastana ji completed his term from 1960-1990. During my research on Dera Sacha Sauda, it was clearly evident that the time period when 1st master Shah Mastana Ji adorned the royal seat was not 1960-1990 but 1948-1960 and the 2nd Master Shah Satnam Ji was in reigns during 1960 -1991.

If we see the followers of Baba Ram Rahim, they have unshakeable belief on their Master. They don’t care about the trials, convictions, and punishments. Recently when I interacted with some of the followers they were firm on their decision of sticking with Dera Sacha Sauda and believe that soon the truth will be out. Well, this is as per the beliefs baba’s bhakts but on the other hand, one more fact that has emerged in Chhatrapati case is Anshul Chhatrapati the son of ram Chanderchatarpati has accepted that even after the gun shoot, his father recovered from the injury and had no sign of seriousness due to bullets. So if Late Ram Chander Chhatrapati did not die due to bullets than what was the actual reason behind his death. He was admitted in Rohtak Hospital and it was declared that he was well recovering from injury and walked out on his own, after one week. Was this the bullet or the negligence of medical staff that took him to death bed, should then be ascertained then. Meanwhile, Media is on in its quest to serve its viewers and readers, News with their tadka of scandals and silly points with Baba Ram Rahim as the catchphrase.


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