Blaze of hot and most happening Baba Ram Rahim v/s Media and Mob


Trail once again ready to judge the spiritual vibes

Ahead of verdict in Journalist Murder case, 11th Jan 2019, the historical day once again knocks the common mob for witnessing one more historical trial judgement. Whole country is in suspension about the judgement while Baba Ram Rahim followers are assured for the positive results. Remembering the time of 25th August when Baba’s followers were gathered to listen the fair judgement in the case against the chief for raping 2 sadhvis. The devotees were affirmed for the releasing of their Guru and all charges would be dropped. After judgement what had happened no one is lack behind the knowledge. Anyways this time again Baba Gurmeet’s followers are waiting for his release from Ramchander Chatarpati case, as they have steadfast believe that baba is no where involved in the case. At the very time state govt is almost ready with Arms to control if any mishappeneing will be caused, so they imposed high alert in the whole region.

October 24, 2002 A journalist shot dead at his residence months after he published the anonymous letter narrating how women as Sadhvis at Dera were sexually harassed and raped by Dera Chief. This journalist was none other than ‘Ram Chander Chatarpati. He was an Indian Journalist ran a local Hindi –language daily ‘Poora Sach’ in Sirsa Haryana. On the night of 24th October 2002, two men riding a motorcycle shot him at point-blank range outside his residence. He gave way to his life after four weeks of his injury. The case took an attention-grabbing turn after and after with the passage of time. Two men were arrested for the shooting and cited on the FIR no- by the local police at that time. After 3 months, in January 2003, his son Anshul Chhatrapati petitioned the High Court for a CBI investigation into baba Gurmeet Singh, and after nine months the petition was accepted by the High Court in November. After that case started against Baba Gurmeet to prove his innocence in the case. He was put in 302, 120-B IPC identifying him as the accused conspirator for the murder. The case started in CBI court Ambala and then shifted to Panchkula CBI court.

Well, how much the case has the value and positivity for Baba will all out very soon. Interesting fact is that the judge Mr. Jagdeep Singh is going to read the judgement who read in 2017 in the case of Sadhvi Rape. Let’s observe the condition of the followers at this moment. Dera Management has given supposition to followers not to gather and plot any act. They requested them to have faith in Guru’s blessings and in judiciary. Followers are active on prayers and meditation in continue series.


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